Welcome to Johanna Kiebacher. Feel free to discover my way of working.


Welcome to Johanna Kiebacher. Feel free to discover my way of working.







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Living a conscious life and an associated rethinking that comes with it, has already started. The longing for a more conscious life also influences the way buildings are designed. We pay attention to the value we want to add; in selecting the right materials, our accountability towards the environment and nature surrounding us.

We do not “only”create a home of our own, but we create a "space of well-being". A space that makes us feel good in different dimensions: the physical, psychological but also mental or spiritual one. A "safe haven“, which is tailored to meet individual needs and where we can recharge our energy. An oasis of happiness, that reflects our individual longings, a place that strengthens us.

With my approach, I provide a broad spectrum by combing architecture, aesthetics and energetics. I love to call holistic architecture. Together with the owner or resident, I define favourite colours, materials and individual needs and requirements. 

"If one room can alter how we feel, if our happiness can hang on the colour of the  walls or the shape of a door, what will happen to us in most of the places we are forced to look at and inhabit?" Alain de Botton

I will support you from the early stages, e.g. analysing the construction conditions of an already existing apartment or house or a building ground.

Below I showcase a possible working process for an already existing building. Every process and workflow is different as it needs to be in balance with the future inhabitants needs.

Photo by: Simone Hawlisch







Analysis. On the basis of your floor plan and photos, I analyse the current situation within your home.
In a one to one conversation, we will talk about your requirements, wishes, personal needs and ideas. This information defines our basis, the process of work - our strategy. A site visit may be a good way of gathering first hand information and to get a better sense for the project and your requirements.

Step 01

Process of work

Photo by: Simone Hawlisch

Documentation. After assessing the information gathered, I will start with the analyse the energetic flow of your premises by dividing the layout plan into nine different fields, this approach is called Space Psychogram Method. Every field represents an area of your life like relationships or richness - inner states or conditions will become visible. I will interpret the visible and invisible with regard to its spiritual meaning.

Step 02

Process of work

Action Plan and moodboard. Now it’s time to get started on the architectural transformation. We start with a floor plan, where we redefine the room and it’s look and feel, by positioning existing furniture or planning for new one. I will create a concept book, which defines all the necessary action items and next steps for the transformation. This includes a mood-board with the new colour scheme, material and furniture to be used.

Step 03

Process of work

Realisation and supervision.
For me it’s a pleasure to accompany you in the process of realisation. This includes the coordination of craftsmen: selecting materials, obtaining offers, arranging appointments and following implementation. I will support you in finding the right furniture or provide recommendation on which brands would be suitable for your style.

Step 04

Process of work

Curious? If you want to create your individual space together with me or have any questions about myself or my work, please feel free to write me ... Let’s connect.


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